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Brownstone Architecture in the Capital District

Written by Jennifer Mentiply

Brownstone is a brown sandstone that was used as building material in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

What is Brownstone?

Brownstone is a term that has been used to describe townhomes in urban settings. The term applies to a style of building that is built of brick, concrete masonry, or material to give the look of a brick or stone material. In the Capital District, it is not uncommon to see these buildings contain 2-4 units. Often times they are in a Historic District, and have been renovated. These properties are often beautifully remodeled with the original integrity of the home either in mind or restored. You can find unique features like pocket doors, curved arch ways, exposed brick walls, and beautiful details on exterior trim of these homes.

Where Can You Find These?

These homes can be found in some of our oldest cities in the Capital District. Specifically, The Stockade of Schenectady, Greenwich Village of Albany, and The Antique District on River St. in Troy.

The Stockade of Schenectady, NY is located on the banks of the Mohawk River and most commonly known as Front St. The preservation of this area and the culture established by its residence is captivating. You can walk the streets and see vibrant colors and yet feel like you stepped back in time.

Greenwich Village is more commonly known as Lark St. in Albany, NY. This area has a cool urban funky vibe. Some Streets are still lined with Cobblestone from the turn of the century!

Better Known as River St, The Antique District in Troy, NY is nestled along the Hudson River and is the new spot for nightlife, gourmet restaurants, shops, and beautiful apartments made from large historic brownstones. Lots of developers have come in to preserve the architecture of this area and revamped churches into venues, and brownstones into luxury apartments with unique details like original floors, archways and fireplaces!

You can find a blend of commercial businesses and residential townhomes in this area. It is also known for it’s cuisine, coffee shops, and small boutiques many of which are located in the basement of these brownstones.

For more details on homes in the area, call me! I love unique properties.